What size album would you prefer to display your photographs from an important event (in inches)? *
If you only had these options, which linen color would you chose? *
If you had the option to add another linen color to the list above which one would it be? *
preferably only chose one
Would you need to see a color swatch in person before ordering an album OR would you trust the color shown in an online guide? *
Did you create an album showcasing your wedding images? *
If so, are you still glad that you made that investment? *
If not, do you wish you had? *
Have you ever purchased/created an album for someone else? *
family, wedding, vacation, etc
Was it or would it be overwhelming for you to need to narrow down your favorite images from around 750 to 50? *
Would you prefer to *
Would you prefer to have an album with family photographs (to use as a coffee table book table/gift/keepsake) from a session OR print out just a few (to use on your frig, office space, frame). *
Clients will be offered an incentive if they confirm their album design in 30days. Would you rather... *
Keeping in mind I am a photographer, do you like to see their families, just a simple headshot, as long as it is aesthetically pleasing, read about their hobbies/what else they enjoy...
I know this is an awkward question and feel free to leave it blank, but I am in need of some different adjectives to describe myself and my brand so anything would help and be a huge compliment! Plus these are anonymous.
Do you view websites more on your phone or computer (laptop/desktop)? *
When viewing images online using your phone, do you prefer to *